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What is about? is an advertising site. We work on bringing High Quality traffic to your website or/and affiliate program, and we also offer a opportunity for you to make money with us through our revenue sharing plans and Viewing our Advertiser Ads.

Is free to join?
Yes. My Income Place is absolutely free to join.

Can I have multiple account?
No! Only one account is allowed Per Person. Any person try to create multiple account. All his/her Account and Earning will be terminated.

Do I need to recruit to earn?
No. However, If you do recruit it will speed up your earning as we offer a generous 15% on AdPack purchases.

I can offer a percentage of my commissions to create Referral network ?
Not every member that we discover that use this method In any type of forums, blog, YouTube Channels, etc, etc, ..... will be considered a fraud and the account can get suspended or even eliminated.

I do not have enough money to withdraw the maximum 150% allowed I can collect money between my referrals to do it, and distribute the profits between them and stay with only a small profit. ?,
Not This is considered a fraud to the system, Your account will be deleted immediately.

How Your Profits Sharing Works?
We share profits (excluding 15% that is paid as refferal commision) from every AdPack Sales, with all members who have an Active Adpack that come with up to 800 Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits (Diamond). We do not guarantee any profits or speed of earning from profit sharing.

Do I need to view ads to earn?
NO. 100% Passive Income, you have to see 8 ads to receive distribution as long you have active AdPack every 1 HOUR (New Adpack purchases may take several hours to reflect on account) your account will be credited from the revenue sharing pool(if any). We highly recomended ALL members to view our Cash Links Ads ( If Available) as you will get paid for every ads you view, FREE members could use this advantage to go advance in the program.

So only with Adpack I can earn in
No.Free members can earn from viewing Cash Link ads ( if availability of Cash Link depend on our sponsors) and a generous 15% referral commision from your direct refferal purchases.
We highly recommended ALL members to view both our Cash Link ( If Available) ads as you will get paid for every ads you view. Directory Listing (this is BONUS Click rate are Variable, (If Any).
All members can request for Payout $10.00 Minimum and $500.00 Maximum Cashout Per Week !

What Payment Processor accept?
Payza, Perfect Money, OkPay, and Solid Trust Pay All purchases (Add Funds) are automatically and instantly processed and the funds should be reflected immediately, Except AdvCahs done manually please email to with username and transaction details, it may take up to 12 hours for approval. But during some cases, it may take up to 30 minutes for the payment to get processed due to several reasons like server overload, delay in the processor site etc.

What are your Payouts Term?
Strictly can only request for the processor you use for deposit, if there 2 or more processor have use for deposit then the highest deposit processor will be eligble to receive the payout. We do payout daily We have up to 48 business hours for us to reflect the payment in your wallet or payment processor after it appears in your history as paid. On some rare cases it make take up to 72 hours, we will update accordingly.

I need to share my proof of payment?
Yes in order for you to be eligible for withdrawals you have to share your payment proof in our official Facebook group If you do not share your payment proof you will not qualify for your withdrawals request to be processed and we will cancel your payment without claims, Please include your MIP username on your payment proof.

How long do it take for Adpack to Mature?
We cannot and do not provide a time frame or guarantee you any earnings from our site. There's no way to put a time frame on it as we can only share revenue with members as long as we are making AdPack sales. If no AdPack sales, there will be no revenue to share.

Do have Re-Purchased Rule?
We have 50/50 Re-Purchase Rule Only in adpacks that have an assigned daily return

Is Hyip, Ponzi, Pyramid Scheme or illegal?
NO. We sell advertising services, not profits. We share our profits with those who purchase AdPack that come with up to 2,000 Directory Listing Credits and 200,000 ad credits (Diamond). We certainly do not hold any guarantees in the amount per day, week, month, year that you will receive your earning.

What is REFUND policy?
NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR DIGITALLY DELIVERED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DUE TO THEIR INTANGIBLE NATURE! Since the Advertising Packs Credits that you are purchasing are instantly added to your account, no refund will be provided. Also, referral commissions and profit sharing are instantly and automatically done. This process cannot be reversed. Therefore, no refund will be provided.
Any Refunds attempted will result in permanent loss of your account.

What is the requirement to join
You must be at least 21 years of age. Members must read and understand our TERMS OF SERVICES before joining.

My Question is not answer here what should i do?
Please use the Contact Us page to sent us your question, allow 24-48 hours for us to get back to you.
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General is an advertising site. We work on bringing High Quality traffic to your website or/and affiliate program, and we also offer a opportunity for you to make money with us through our revenue sharing plans and Viewing our Advertiser's Ads.
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